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Meet Our Team

Discover the Passionate Professionals Dedicated to Your Wellness

Meet Our Skilled Providers

At Palm Beach Health Center, we boast a diverse team of health experts dedicated to providing personalized, holistic care. Get to know the professionals committed to guiding you toward optimal health.

Dr. Symons is the visionary behind our center, integrating holistic methodologies to address the root cause of your health concerns.

Dr. Matthew Symons

Doctor of Chiropractic and Founder/Owner

Specializing in functional nutrition, Dr. Smouse combines dietary insights with chiropractic care to foster comprehensive wellness.

Dr. Nathan Smouse

Doctor of Chiropractic and Functional Nutrition Specialist

As our Medical Director, Dr. Davis brings a wealth of medical knowledge, ensuring a well-rounded approach to your healthcare.

Dr. Barry Davis

MD, Medical Director

With a focus on chiropractic excellence, Dr. Ahumada is dedicated to providing effective, patient-centered care.

Dr. Juan Pablo Ahumada

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Friedel's expertise in chiropractic care is instrumental in designing treatments that promote healing and well-being.

Dr. Elisha Friedel

Doctor of Chiropractic

Alexandra brings a comprehensive nursing perspective, enhancing our clinic's approach to holistic patient care.

Alexandra Schindele

APRN, Nurse Practitioner

Riann's expertise in case management and neurofeedback therapy offers a unique blend of care to our patients.

Riann Jimenez

CCPA, Case Manager and Neurofeedback Therapy Specialist

Susi ensures a smooth experience for our patients, managing the intricacies of insurance and billing with expertise.

Susi Guthier

Insurance and Billing Specialist

Our Modern Facilities

Step into our welcoming facilities designed for your comfort and optimal healing. Discover what makes our Royal Palm Beach and West Palm Beach locations the ideal choice for your healthcare journey.

What we do

Palm Beach Health Center strives to help you achieve your health goals by identifying the source of your conditions. When possible, we use non-surgical, drug-free solutions to treat disorders like:
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