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Depression Anxiety

Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical health. For example, feeling upset or having racing thoughts can prevent restful sleep. Two mental health conditions that disrupt far more than sleep are depression and anxiety. At Palm Beach Health Center, we can treat cases of both to help patients find their equilibrium.


Everyone can feel sad at various points in life in response to a given stressor. How our brains deal with the pressures determines the condition and its severity.
So if sadness isn’t a qualifying determinant of depression, how can you tell if it afflicts you? In truth, sadness is just a part of depression. If cloudy days persist and seem only to worsen, that’s the first sign. Further implicating factors include
Because everyone has a different physiological makeup, symptoms can vary beyond those on the list.


To fully understand the anxiety, you’ll need to know the body’s response to stress. Stress manifests in many ways, an upcoming test, running late to work, or a sudden text reading “we need to talk.”
While it’s normal to experience fear, worry, and uneasiness from time to time, the persistence of these emotions is a sign of anxiety.
Over time, incessantly feeling these emotions can wear a person down. Anxiety-related complications include poor coping skills, clouding thinking, and situation-specific phobias.



If you or a loved one has symptoms of either condition, be cautious of a pharmaceutical treatment approach. Sometimes, medications can amplify emotions, leading to mood swings and erratic behavior.
At Palm Beach Health Center, we approach treatment with holistic solutions free of harmful and often addictive drugs. Our method of treating depression and anxiety revolves around utilizing BrainCore neurofeedback.
In essence, neurofeedback analyzes brainwaves for abnormalities and formulates corrective, rewriting signals. The signals the machine introduces to patients train the brain to deal with stress positively.
Neurofeedback has the potential to:


Stress can weigh on a person like a bag of bricks. If you’re struggling to feel balanced due to racing thoughts, disengagement, or otherwise, we’re here to help. At Palm Beach Health Center, we’re just a click away!
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