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Would you like to be able to participate in all of your favorite activities free from pain or discomfort? What if you could reconnect with your inner child and play more? At Palm Beach Health Center, we want to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Royal Palm Beach Chiropractor Dr. Matthew Symons is passionate about helping his patients enjoy not only improved function but better overall health.

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Dr. Symons

In practice since 2002, Dr. Symons grew up in New City, New York. He loves the profession and finds it particularly gratifying to see his patients experience a turnaround in their health through the chiropractic adjustment. If you’ve been searching for a Chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach, contact us today to make an appointment!

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Convenience is one of the hallmarks of our practice. We offer same-day appointments and accept walk-ins. It’s our desire to get you the care you need and deserve promptly so you can experience relief and more. And because we feature on-site X-rays, you won’t have to drive elsewhere to have them taken.


By providing multiple services, we can offer patients a broad spectrum of solutions. In addition to chiropractic care, we feature Decompression, Laser Therapy, Braincore, Functional Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy , Nutritional Counseling and more. The combination of quality care and the latest technologies allows you to live life to the fullest.


Did you know that even natural childbirth can be traumatic for a child? That’s why we encourage parents to bring their child in as soon as possible after birth to correct any misalignment’s. Pediatric chiropractic care also can provide natural help for an array of common childhood conditions such as colic, ear infections, constipation and more.


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Palm Beach Health Center Group offers Regenerative Therapy, Physiotherapy, Holistic Medicine and Chiropractic Care in the Palm Beach area. Our healthcare providers work closely with patients to create treatment plans unique to each individual’s needs. During your initial visit, you will be thoroughly evaluated as we determine the best course of treatment for your condition. Contact us at 561-333-8353 or visit our Services page for information on treatment options at our practice.

What Our Patients Think About Us!

  • My experience at this office has been amazing.

    The doctors knowledge and experience have helped me while any other office I have gone to has not. I have scoliosis and he is working wonders with my 3 curves. They are teaching me how to improve with exercise and weights on my body to improve my posture. They also have lectures on nutrition that are very informative for improvement in your health.

    You will not be disappointed visiting this office.

    Donna C


    Palm Beach Health Center is by far the best chiropractor office I have ever been too. It is well managed by an efficient and friendly staff. Each doctor I have seen has been fantastic. I have had laser treatment for shoulder pain, trigger point massage, and massages from their massage therapist. All procedures and technicians/therapists were wonderful.

    Julie Carpenter Avatar
    Julie Carpenter

    I have had back problems for quite some time now and had always felt hesitant about the chiropractic approach..until I landed in this amazing office.

    Dr Matt and Dr Nathan are just so personable and truly care about your well being, feels like a family reunion every time we visit! My back and neck have improved drastically and I can now partake in many more activities I couldn’t in the past. They truly treat you as a whole here, highly recommend it!!

    Carolina Andrade Avatar
    Carolina Andrade
  • I’ve been a licensed stylist for 13 years, and chiropractic care as been a big part of my self care for the last 6 years. As someone who is highly trained in the art of customer service, I hold a very high standard when having services done for myself. I started going to Palm Beach Heath Center in July 2019, and for the first time ever I can say I absolutely love my chiropractor!! The level of customer service, and care provided by Dr. Mathew’s facility is outstanding! His care team has exceeded the expectations of what I thought to be a chiropractic experience. If you are looking for care center that puts your needs and health first, then I highly recommend checking them out!

    anita hawke Avatar
    anita hawke

    Dr. Matt and his team are outstanding. They are very diligent at providing great service to their customers. I’ve been going here for the past six months and feel much better. they have three rooms and typically two doctors on staff as well as their other team which helps facilitate pre-and-post chiropractic services. they use modern digital technology to look at your back so they know what areas need the most work. I would highly recommend them and I know of over fifteen people who use them.

    Michael Brugger Avatar
    Michael Brugger

    Palm Beach Health Center is the place to go if you need Chiropractic care.

    The staff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Following the home care plan given to me by them and receiving awesome adjustments by Dr. Matt and Dr. Nat, I no longer have any pain. I continue to come for adjustments, maintenance and to communicate with the staff, which is constantly learning new ways to help you. This allows me to keep my quality of life at its highest. Stop by and visit Palm Beach Health Center and see what they can do for you! Say “Hello” to Dr. Matt, Dr. Nat, Lisa and the rest of the Staff.

    Jamie Estok Avatar
    Jamie Estok
  • Everyone is very nice and helpful. Everyday that I walk in I am welcomed by someone. Everything is ran so smoothly that I am in and out in a timely matter. I couldn’t think of anything wrong with their program.

    Angela Ford Avatar
    Angela Ford

    Outstanding and very professional. They make your experience personable and enjoyable.

    Every member of the staff is aware of who you are. The moment you walk in the door you feel recharged with positivity.

    Their approach is substantially different to any other practice I’ve personally experience.

    We have been going for several months now and the improvement on our back issues specially my wife, are significant and incredible.

    Thanks for all you do.

    The power is on!!


    Palm Beach Health Center radically changed my life.

    I grew up viewing health care in ways that weren’t serving my body, and were actually just throwing band aids on major issues I had. Chiropractic care isn’t just getting your back cracked. It’s getting your body aligned and lit up with life.

    Now being in a new season of life, and being pregnant I could not imagine a better way or better place to go to be sure that my baby and I are healthy. Both of our powers are on and we are functioning at 100%!!

    Dr. Matt and Dr. Nathan are both incredible! They make you feel safe and in amazing hands.

    Thank you Palm Beach Health Center for being a huge part of our community!

    Kayleigh Velez Delaguerra Avatar
    Kayleigh Velez Delaguerra
  • Staff is wonderful! Friendly and available to answer your questions. The doctors Dr. Matt and Dr. Nate are awesome!! They are always open to address your concerns and have a genuine interest in your overall health. Also, Jeanette is the master of the trigger point massage. 😊

    Mary Sargent Avatar
    Mary Sargent

    I have been a patient since Oct 2018. The curvature of my back and neck has improved. I feel much better than I did. I have done quite a bit of traveling this summer and can’t wait to get back for an adjustment. The long car rides often leave me feeling stiff, so I’m better after being adjusted. Everyone in the office is super friendly. They make you feel welcome and wanted.

    Tamra Dominy Avatar
    Tamra Dominy

    The office is spacious, clean, well staffed, and friendly. I was greeted and checked on several times. I was offered water. They have positive messages being displayed on a monitor in the waiting room, which has comfortable seats for persons with bad backs. My intake went smoothly. My medical history was carefully gone over and many questions asked. Any questions I had were answered. How your back affects your health was explained with the use of a visual. All around a very pleasant atmosphere.

    Jody Lebel Avatar
    Jody Lebel
  • At my age feeling great again is an option. These good people have given me the means and knowledge of my condition and with their guidance and adjustments I’m virtually pain free. My job requires me to be sedimentary for 8 to possibly 16 hours a day. I don’t finish my shift feeling beaten up. Hmmm life is GOOD👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    Bruce Laroche Avatar
    Bruce Laroche

    I love coming here. The staff is awesome and knows every patient by name. They are amazing at teaching you about your body and how it heals itself. Guaranteed to show you the path to build your healthy future.

    Ernie B Avatar
    Ernie B

    I love coming here because the atmosphere is so positive. Everyone who works there is super friendly and helpful. If you have been injured they are really helpful in the recovery process and provide you with a plan with information about what you can do at home and in office to help you recover faster. Most importantly I always feel great after an adjustment!

    Liam Stokes Avatar
    Liam Stokes
  • For more than a year my mother and me have attended Palm Beach Health Center. The staff is wonderful. We are particularly grateful for the care and concern provided by Ms. Jeanette, Ryan, the new chiropractor and if course Jodi and Dr. Matt. The desk staff are always willing to go the extra mile. These young women are all great. It’s a great place with great people however, the adjustments have done wonders for us physically. Thank you for a job well done.

    Msgee MD Avatar
    Msgee MD

    Love the whole staff, feel like family every time I walk in the door and I feel better after every visit. Everyone here has gone above and beyond to make me feel right at home. I look forward to every adjustment and walk out feeling better than the last.

    Matthew Johnson Avatar
    Matthew Johnson

    Dr. Matt & Dr. Nathan are amazing! Because of regular Chiropractic care, I no longer experience headaches. Also, their staff is very welcoming and Jodi amazes me at her ability to remember everyone’s name no matter how often she sees them!

    Amanda Hermoso Avatar
    Amanda Hermoso
  • I’ve been going to chiropractors since the 1960s but I have never experienced the true meaning of holistic care until I started seeing Dr Matt & Dr Nathan at Palm Beach Health Center. As soon as you walk through the door you can feel the energy. It starts with a genuinely warm and enthusiastic welcome by the front desk staff as they greet you by name. It would be a misnomer to call the seating area a waiting room. It’s an activity area where patients are watching a large flat screen TV flashing educational information to help people learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, info on upcoming lectures and much more, all while they do seated warm up exercises to enhance the affects of the adjustments. Entire families are there as parents and children all get treatment. They are one of a kind – “THE BEST.”

    Paul Saltin Avatar
    Paul Saltin

    My family and I have been patients of PBHC for over 11 years. Dr. Matt was recommended to us and after our first visit, I was hooked and haven’t looked back since. His genuine passion for overall health and wellness convinced me that this is the place where we needed to be. My eyes were opened to a whole other way of living. And for that, I am profoundly grateful. Dr. Matt is the real deal and his staff is completely amazing. Everyone is so nice, knowledgeable and willing to help answer any and all questions. Thank you Dr. Matt and staff for all you do!

    Lisa Ryan Avatar
    Lisa Ryan

    I recently moved from the Princeton NJ area where I regularly received chiropractic care for wellness and maintenance. I’m so happy I found Palm Beach Health Center. Everyone, from Dr Matt and Dr Nathan, to Riann, Tori and the front desk team, is amazing. I’ve never felt better. Palm Beach Health Center provides a truly holistic and integrative experience and is my new health home!

    Kari Saltin Avatar
    Kari Saltin
  • I fell line dancing this morning.not only was I sore all over , I could barely walk on my right foot. I am so grateful that I have a weekly appointment at the Palm Beach Health Center. Dr. Nathan listened to my issue, conducted a few tests then adjusted my spine and foot.yes, I am still sore, but my foot is already so much better! I’m sure I’ll be able to line dance Friday morning!!😄😄👏!! Thank you Dr. Nathan and Dr. Matt for keeping me in tip- top shape!

    Jerri Adams Avatar
    Jerri Adams

    I have been going to this Chiropractic office for many years. The staff is always friendly and helpful. It is more than just chiropractic care. They also emphasize nutrition and pain prevention and or relief . It’s always a great experience. Dr Matt is very interested in every patient’s health care.

    Lynn Larsen Avatar
    Lynn Larsen

    Dr.Matt has been taking care of my entire family for years and has been a literal life saver. From helping my husband return to a normal way of life after multiple car and work accidents to evaluating and adjusting my newborn son.. we wouldn’t trust anyone else!

    Jenna Shell Avatar
    Jenna Shell
  • Extremely friendly staff. Very personal and professional. Facility is clean and organized. Helping with neck and hip issues I feel Dr. Matt is knowledgeable and understanding of ailments. So far so good!

    Cheree Maldonado Avatar
    Cheree Maldonado

    I’ve been going since February and it’s been a life changer for me! Dr. Matt and all the staff are great. Would highly recommend checking them out if you’re looking for a Chiropractor.

    Rodrigo wiggins Avatar
    Rodrigo wiggins

    Actual healthcare with a variety of modalities all focused on helping you achieve your goals. Dr. Matt and staff will help you determine what you need to correct existing problems and prevent new ones. You can’t make a better choice!

    J Bielen Avatar
    J Bielen
  • Palm Beach Health Center (PBHC) is by far the absolute best chiropractic center in the area! I have been seeing Dr. Matt three times a week for the past three weeks for a neck and back injury that was caused by a car accident. The results have been so incredible under his care. He is so approachable and knowledgeable! I can’t explain how many times in this short period I have been seeing him that I have been rest assured about my injury and recovery process.

    Every morning I come in to their beautiful facility, Jodi, Amy, Emma, Tori, and everyone else at the front desk greets me and the other patients with a smile. Each patient has their own routine upon coming in for their treatment, and everyone at the front desk is so willing to help and guide us the first few times.

    My first appointment there I needed X-rays, and Riann and Briana were so helpful and accommodating with me since I was in so much pain from the accident.

    I can’t thank PBHC enough for their help getting my body back to where it was before the car accident. Not only are they knowledgeable in health care, but also in making the entire experience at their facility welcoming and enjoyable. The genuine care and comfort of their patients is clearly their priority!

    Elizabeth Williams Avatar
    Elizabeth Williams

    5 star ratingPBHC is by far the absolute best chiropractic center in the area! I have been seeing Dr. Matt three times a week for the past three weeks for a neck and back injury that was caused by a car accident. The results have been so incredible under his care. He is so approachable and knowledgeable! I can't explain how many times in this short period I have been seeing him that I have been rest assured about my injury and recovery process.

    Every morning I come in to their beautiful facility, Jodi, Amy, Emma, Tori, and everyone else at the front desk greets me and the other patients with a smile. Each patient has their own routine upon coming in for their treatment, and everyone at the front desk is so willing to help and guide us the first few times.

    My first appointment there I needed X-rays, and Riann and Briana were so helpful and accommodating with me since I was in so much pain from the accident.

    I can't thank PBHC enough for their help getting my body back to where it was before the car accident. Not only are they knowledgeable in health care, but also in making the entire experience at their facility welcoming and enjoyable. The genuine care and comfort of their patients is clearly their priority!

    Elizabeth W. Avatar
    Elizabeth W.

    If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! From my very first visit, everyone in the office remembered my name and always greet me that way upon entering and leaving. I had been seeing another chiropractor and thought all was well. After an employment change, that office was no longer convenient and I found Palm Beach Health Center. I am ever so glad I did. I was unaware of the poor shape my spine was in. After my x-rays indicated how much work I needed, I didn’t hesitate to commit to improving my health… my spine became a quick priority for me. I have come for regular adjustments and followed through with my home care exercises. Today I saw my progress x-rays and WOW! I was so excited and went through the office showing all the staff the major changes that has taken place. My over-all posture is better, I feel better and I could not be happier with my choice to use this office. Dr. Symons is amazing at what he does and I am for sure a patient for life. Thank you Palm Beach Health Center for top notch care!

    Rebecca Slack Avatar
    Rebecca Slack
  • Always a joy when I walk into these doors! Everyone is extremely helpful, attentive, welcoming, and professional on top of all that. They don’t just look to a specific area of your body, they are aiming to get your entire wellness to higher level. I started coming here for treatment on a back injury. Throughout the process I learned the important role my spine plays in recovery. I continue to go now to take my personal health & wellness to new heights. Thank you everyone!

    Donavon Davies Avatar
    Donavon Davies

    Dr Matt and staff are amazing he is a truly amazing Dr I was taking Tylenol or Advil every day for pain and headaches not to mention I was on prescription allergy medicine after coming to Dr Matt I have not taken anything no medicine that’s because I have no pain I feel great and I am so thankful for Dr Matt .

    Rose stanley Avatar
    Rose stanley

    I have suffered from migraines for many years, with them getting more frequent and more severe over the past two years. Since starting at Palm Beach Health Center my migraines have significantly lessened in frequency and severity in just the first month! I highly recommend Dr. Matt and his staff for their professionalism, experience, caring, and helpfulness in my treatment and all around health.

    Lisa Scott Avatar
    Lisa Scott
  • Fantastic practice; clean, everyone works as a team and makes sure you’ve been taken care of/checked in, very friendly, effective practices and teachings

    Jane To Avatar
    Jane To

    Dr.Symons and his staff are friendly and really care for every patient. Palm Beach Health Center has the best chiro care for all your healthcare needs!

    sarah morris Avatar
    sarah morris

    Caring staff. Dr. Matt definitely goes over and above to try to find a resolution to pain management.

    Rebecca Wentling Avatar
    Rebecca Wentling
  • Caring staff but always trying to get you to spend more money.

    Rebecca Wentling Avatar
    Rebecca Wentling

    Invest in your spine now before you regret it later in life. I went for neck issues and was overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge about overall health from Dr. Matt and his team! I’ve now invested in taking care of my body and feel changed! Better diet, energy, mood, posture, life! I’m so excited to continue taking care of my body for years to come! The office is filled with genuine, passionate people who care for you, and always bring a smile to my face. It’s places like this that every business should shadow to find quality, friendly employees. I’m beyond thankful to feel better, and extremely grateful for Palm Beach Health Center family in all they do. Biggest fan!

    Shelby Tabrosky Kimpel Avatar
    Shelby Tabrosky Kimpel

    Absolutely awesome care, wonderful and professional staff. Whole array of services beyond chiropractic adjustments for a healthier quality of life. I definitely recommend Palm Beach Health Center.

    Helen Mcculloch Avatar
    Helen Mcculloch
  • I’ve enjoyed the health benefits from chiropractic care for over 8 years now. My migraines are almost non-existent, my neck and lower back pain has decreased, and the massages are out of this world!!

    Dana B Avatar
    Dana B

    Dr Matt and the entire staff are great!

    Dave Richards Avatar
    Dave Richards

    Absolutely blown away by the genuineness of the staff…! Can’t wait to be my best self with the help of Dr. Symon and his team!

    Lisa Richards Avatar
    Lisa Richards
  • This office and the incredible staff are the real deal. This is my second attempt at trying a chiropractor. The staff & doctors are the best in the business. You are not a number or patxhepa at this office, you a are a valued person. The treat the whole self. Their customer service in matters of billing in customer centric. The entire team seems to be trained in understanding how to make their patients feel heard and understood.

    I am a tough critic & I cannot recommend this office & team more highly!!!!!

    Melissa Stires Avatar
    Melissa Stires

    There is this stigma with chiropractic care. That somehow, it isn’t helpful or doesn’t work, or just plain old skepticism. It’s all a lie. Chiropractic care absolutely works and is amazing. The power in chiropractic care from the Palm Beach Health Center is not new to me. I’ve been a patient for some time. The community and support you receive is one of a kind. You always feel cared for and thought of. Your total health is a priority at Palm Beach Health Center and without even realizing it, your total health becomes a priority for you.

    Jamie Brown Avatar
    Jamie Brown

    The entire staff are amazing and extremely helpful and polite.

    Tiffany Overall Avatar
    Tiffany Overall
  • The staff here is so amazing. They helped give me back my sense of self and on the way to a new and improved me. Thank you everyone.

    Trisha Soriano Avatar
    Trisha Soriano

    They are extremely friendly and welcoming. The staff and Doctors are very knowledgeable. I am always looking forward to my adjustments. Very happy with Palm Beach Health Center. Thank you guys!

    Leslie Guadalupe Avatar
    Leslie Guadalupe

    I have been very lucky to have meet Dr. Symons at a conference. After hearing him speak, everything he said made absolute sense. I have been seeing Dr. Symons and his facility for a year now and they are excellent. I highly recommend going to see him for adjustments and a nutritional consultation.

    Robert Temelkoski PA Avatar
    Robert Temelkoski PA
  • Almost a year ago, I couldn’t walk to the front door of Dr. Matt’s office. Everyone was so helpful and patient to get me through the recovery process to walk again and back to work. A sciatic injury sidelined me from my life. With in a short period of time, Dr Matt and crew got me back in business! Thank you everyone for all of your help and patience !!

    Ellen Theobald Avatar
    Ellen Theobald


    Awesome place that truly cares for & about each and every patient!

    Susan Absher-Allen Avatar
    Susan Absher-Allen

    Our favorite family place!

    Jenny Davis Keller Avatar
    Jenny Davis Keller
  • I have the best experience coming to this office. I have never felt better, flexible, more energy and clarity. Dr. Matt and his Entire staff truly take an interest in your well-being, overall health and educating you to preventative and anti-aging health. This is where you come and everyone knows your name. Such a positive and healthy environment.

    Anna Hall Avatar
    Anna Hall

    I recently started coming here for treatment and let me just say that it has been wonderful. I had huge neck pains and lower back pains, and I have been feeling improvements from the start. Especially because it’s not just come and get adjusted, it’s more of a get adjusted but continue your care at home and then come back for another adjustment. I recommend to at least get a check up just to see how well you really are.

    Carlos Albor Avatar
    Carlos Albor

    i am so existed about palm beach health center, they transform my life completely, that awesome

    Myrlande Marcellus Avatar
    Myrlande Marcellus
  • Been coming for 8 months and feel like I have my life back. I had terrible hip and back pain and the progress has been amazing.

    Griselle Zapata Avatar
    Griselle Zapata

    Excellent service and very friendly and educational we enjoy our visits

    Helen Ainsworth Avatar
    Helen Ainsworth

    Great staff , and I’m still walking,Dr Matt keeps me going.

    Joe Gellenbeck Avatar
    Joe Gellenbeck
  • When I started going to Palm Beach Health Center, I was in pain all the time and I felt like I couldn’t do any of the things I used to do, even simple things like just walking through the grocery store. Now I’m pain free, strong, and so very thankful to Dr. Matt and the rest of the staff. They care about their clients and want the best for us.

    Carolyn King Slade Avatar
    Carolyn King Slade

    I love this place! From the moment I walked in, I was treated like family. They knew my name before I left and remembered it when I returned the 2nd time. Dr. Matt is passionate about his craft and it shows through his work and the team. Although I have a long way to go, I am feeling much better than I have in years. Go see them, you will not regret it. I only regret just finding out about them – wish I had found out about them sooner! Love you guys! –Neffy

    Nefre Tiri Avatar
    Nefre Tiri

    5 star ratingDr. Matt and his staff have been taking care of me for many years. When I first started the care with them I could barely stand up straight. I now have much less pain. I then brought my husband there after his doctor said he would need surgery on his spine for a second time. He was skeptical at first. I asked him to do what Dr. Matt says for 30 days. If it doesn't work then have the surgery. He never had the surgery and has no more pain. I cannot recommend them more if you have any kind of back or neck pain.

    Pam H. Avatar
    Pam H.
  • FINALLY on the path to wellness thanks to these wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable, caring group of people

    Susan Forte Boccia-Tony Boccia Avatar
    Susan Forte Boccia-Tony Boccia

    Im a new patient, the first thing I’ve notice is the friendly caring staff and no long waits. They seem to really care about your health. As im working to knock out my sciatic back pain, i can say the treatment that i receive so far has made a slight improvement and im looking forward in being pain free soon.

    Ana Rodriguez Avatar
    Ana Rodriguez

    Who doesn’t want to feel great, sleep well, eat healthy and spend time with positive uplifting people. If that sounds like a win win then come see the great staff at Palm Beach Health Center.

    Carol Watson Everest Avatar
    Carol Watson Everest
  • If I haven’t told you about this place I apologize because the care we receive here is fabulous! Dr. Matt and Dr. Indira and the entire team are so professional and passionate about our health! I’m so thankful our friends referred us here. Our power has been turned on!

    Shauna Smith-Pierre Avatar
    Shauna Smith-Pierre

    I have been coming to palm beach health center 6 years now I do not know where I would be with body and health if I have not been coming here for my weekly adjustment and workshop s Dr Matt and staff truly amazing I am so grateful every day thank you

    Carol Martin Avatar
    Carol Martin

    I’m so glad I started going to Palm Beach Health Center! I used to have lower back pain and ever since I’ve been going I’ve been pain free. Dr. Symons and the friendly staff make it even more enjoyable to keep on going! They have opened my eyes not only to the importance of taking care of your spine but also, what you put into your body as well. They truly are the best chiropractic and health care center around!

    Liz Bejarano Avatar
    Liz Bejarano
  • Dr Matt Symons is a great doctor. The staff there takes care of you and makes you stay motivated to be healthy.

    Laura Hess Avatar
    Laura Hess

    I have been going for over two months and have seen amazing progress…The office is filled with positive, kind and caring professionals. I know I have a long way to go but I feel different and can definitely do so much more then I could before. I was told I needed two major surgeries on my back…and they are working with me so I can avoid having these surgeries. I am so happy to have found Palm Beach Health Center!!!

    If you are suffering with any type of ailment, don’t wait…head over and you will be happy you did.

    Bea Saver Avatar
    Bea Saver

    Dr. Matt saw my daughter yesterday. She suffers from stomach pain. Dr. Matt and his staff are very kind and caring. I will definitely recommend to family and friends.

    Kristin Schwarz Avatar
    Kristin Schwarz
  • The doctors are very knowledgeable. The staff made my experience very nice and relaxing. Great team and definitely going back !

    Aurice Goyos Avatar
    Aurice Goyos

    An absolutely incredible team. They full of knowledge and on a mission to bring you and your family to optimal wellness.

    Donavon Davies Avatar
    Donavon Davies

    We’ve been going to Dr. Symons for over 10 years for chiropractic care. Highly recommend!!!

    Jodi Davis Avatar
    Jodi Davis
  • Awesome and supportive staff! Like I have my own cheerleading team! Thanks!

    Dan Dougherty Avatar
    Dan Dougherty

    Dr. Symons and the staff are very motivating, inspiring and helpful. Thanks for helping me focus on the five essentials and integrating them into my life. I am on a path to true change. This crew always make me feel special when I walk through the door. They accept me at my level and let me move at my pace I’m very excited about the February challenge! Thanks for always cheering me on! I look forward to learning more from you guys!

    Trish Patty Gunnels Zenczak Avatar
    Trish Patty Gunnels Zenczak

    Palm Beach Health Center has revolutionized my thinking, when it comes to my health and my family’s health!! You can find the answer to all of your health needs at PBHC!! I thank God for this amazing team!!

    Margarita Rosario Avatar
    Margarita Rosario
  • Great Facility Great People

    Giannina Davila Avatar
    Giannina Davila

    Wow. What an amazing team. Love the place like I own it 😉

    Matt Symons Avatar
    Matt Symons

    Dr. Matt and his team are the BEST! You owe it to yourself & family to visit them for true health!

    Michael Atlas Avatar
    Michael Atlas
  • Dr Matt and the info that he and Maximized Living teaches as changed our life! So thankful that our true health journey began here!

    Elizabeth Blonde Avatar
    Elizabeth Blonde

    Dr.Symons was our life saver today! My husband was in terrific pain from sciatica. Dr. Symons took him in and helped him out of his pain. He was so considerate. Thank you Dr. Symons . We will definately continue going to him.

    Joan Eukitis Avatar
    Joan Eukitis

    From the moment you walk in you know this is no ordinary chiropractor’s office. The care and attention you recieve here is above and beyond! The staff and owners truly practice what they preach and work passionately to educate people on wellness for mind, body, and spirit!

    Sophie De La Paz Avatar
    Sophie De La Paz
  • Great office, friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and caring staff.

    Brigitte Harley Avatar
    Brigitte Harley

    I love everyone and everything about Palm Beach Health Center!! It’s changed my life!!

    Jewels Bryant Avatar
    Jewels Bryant

    Outstanding no better place in the county. The staff is amazing and Dr Symons is the best in his field. I am deeply grateful for the support, assistance and commitment from Dr Symons and his team. I have been brought back to life!!!!!

    Thank you so much! Monique

    Monique Gillespie Giliberti Avatar
    Monique Gillespie Giliberti
  • Highlight of my week is my weekly spinal adjustment at Palm Beach Health Center!!! Dr. Matt has been my chiropractor AND holistic physician for over three years now! I routinely see two physicians .. my primary care physician for annual well woman checkups and my weekly visits to Dr Matt for everything else!

    Lena Ingraham Avatar
    Lena Ingraham

    It’s great. They are all very caring.

    Vivia Zimmerman Minkel Avatar
    Vivia Zimmerman Minkel

    Best place to achieve HEALTH! Maximized Living is the best place to lose weight, get off meds, get out of pain, fix the spine, and achieve health!

    Matt McNabb Avatar
    Matt McNabb
  • 5 star ratingThis place is amazing. Everyone there is so nice and friendly and always in a good mood!

    The doctors helped me take control of my life and through all the workshops, boot camps, adjustments, and changing my diet I am proud to say I no longer take ANY medications! Whoo hoo!!!!

    I'm healthier than I ever have been before. I can't wait to see my grand kids for Christmas and show off my energy!

    Matt M. Avatar
    Matt M.

    Dr. Matt personally ensures your treatment plan matches your individual needs! He cares about you getting better.

    David Johnson Avatar
    David Johnson

    5 star ratingI came to Symons Chiropractic with severe low back pain and sciatica and could hardly walk. The staff treated me like family and were genuinely concerned with my health. The doctors showed me that my pain was more than just pain and my spine was pretty messed up. I started treatments and within 2 weeks my pain started going away. FINALLY! I had gone everywhere and this place was my last resort before surgery. My ortho actually told me don't ever get adjusted. Boy was he wrong! Not only did my pain go away but I've been more productive at work and been able to get back to playing golf and tennis with my wife. I love my new life and can't thank Dr. Symons and staff enough. They're amazing! If you're looking for a chiropractor that really cares about you and doesn't care about making money or billing your insurance, this is the place! God Bless, Ron

    Ron K. Avatar
    Ron K.

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