When You Should Seek Medical Attention

Your knees are the hardest working joints in your body, making them the most susceptible to injury. Your knees are
essentially shock absorbers for each step, jump, or turn we make each day. Knee health is critical, so seeking help
at the first sign of pain is vital.

Whether you tear your meniscus, damage your cartilage, or harm any other soft tissue, your life will be bogged down
by chronic pain. To avoid needing knee surgery, these are the symptoms you’ll need to be aware of that prompt an
urgent visit to our clinic:

  • Strange sounds (pops, clicks, crunching, or scrapping)
  • Inflammation
  • Lowered motion range
  • Weakness or giving out
  • Sudden stiffness
  • Throwing up, nausea, and even fever
  • Noticeable signs of fractures
  • Inability to apply pressure to the joint