Why Pre-Adjustment Is So Important for a Spinal Correction?

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At Palm Beach Health Center, our doctors do an excellent job with bettering your back. In terms of spinal correction and spinal decompression in Palm Beach, one of the things you have to know is that before an adjustment and after an adjustment are almost as important as the adjustment itself

Why is Pre-Adjustment Important?


Assessing the Spine

One of the things that our team here at Palm Beach Health Center does is put traction on the neck and wobble on the lumbar, or lower, spine. With mobilizing devices, we make sure the discs are in between the spine and aligned. If you have ever heard of someone having a bulging or herniated disc, that’s the cartilage in between the joints. 

They can get dried out, and if they’re dry before an adjustment, it can actually make the adjustment go poorly. These discs are supposed to be hydrated, and the way that those joints move dictates how much water is going to make it into the joint. 

Preparing the Spine for Adjustment Gets Better Results

Our doctors make sure that the spine is properly warmed up. The best way to do that is to have the patient stand and then bend down. This opens up those joint spaces to make sure that the discs are getting hydrated properly

When thinking of spinal decompression Palm Beach, imagine your spine is like a stick. If your stick is green and healthy, you bend, it has no problem. But if it’s dried out and a brown stick, it will crack. And we certainly don’t want you to have the dried out discs that frequently lead to someone having a bulging or herniated disc — which then leads to a lot more problems in terms of spinal degeneration and joint degeneration later on in life.

preadjustment-stretch-spinal-decompression-palm-beachGet the Best Spinal Decompression in Palm Beach at Palm Beach Health Center!

So the next time you go and get a spinal adjustment, you can be sure that your doctor is doing things like traction and spinal wobble of the joints to warm up those joints prior to the adjustment. It’ll make the adjustment safer and more effective. And, if you need spinal decompression in Palm Beach, we are here for you. Contact us today.


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