What’s Really In Your Supplements?

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One of the first mistakes that people make when they go get a supplement is that they go to one of the big box stores. Research has shown that big-name supplements oftentimes come from big factories in China, where you don’t know what you’re getting. So, if you’re going to buy your vitamin D, you may not get the amount of vitamin D that it actually says on the label. The other problem is that you might be getting things that you don’t want in there. Here at Palm Beach Health Center, our goal is to use nutrition counseling West Palm Beach to educate you so you can make healthier choices!

nutrition-counseling-west-palm-beach-supplementsCommon Misconceptions About Supplements

All Supplements Sold are the Same

Recent studies have shown that things like blood pressure medications, Viagra, or even lead have been found in over-the-counter supplements. We want to make sure that you’re safe. The labs that we work with only sell their supplements specifically to doctor’s offices. This ensures that you’re getting exactly what it is that you want and what you need by avoiding toxins. 

Supplements are Good for Me Regardless of What I Need

The other thing that we cannot stress enough when talking about nutrition counseling West Palm Beach is that you may not need a bunch of supplements! We provide nutritional testing in our office to determine what your body may be lacking. We want to make sure that you’re getting the supplements that are being left out from your diet. 

And the third thing I would say is supplements are just that – supplements. This means that your diet, first of all, should include the right macronutrients, the right fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and the right micronutrients. This includes your enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and all the other things that make up what a healthy diet should consist of. 

pill-doctor-nutrition-counseling-west-palm-beachNeed Help Understanding Supplements? Our Nutrition Counseling West Palm Beach is for You!

If you feel like you might be lacking nutrients, or if you’re having trouble with weight loss, hormonal health, or anything else in terms of autoimmune issues, we’d be happy to help. We can discuss a supplement plan that’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg but is going to make sure that you get the right results. Contact us today to get all the right information about supplements and nutrition counseling in West Palm Beach.

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