Everything You Need to Know About Cortisone Shots

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Many people take cortisone shots as a way to provide quick relief from pain and inflammation. Most doctors give these to patients experiencing discomfort due to arthritis, tendonitis, or bursitis. Before you jump on the cortisone shot bandwagon, here is everything you need to know about this treatment and why functional nutrition in West Palm Beach could be a safer alternative. 

How Many Cortisone Shots Should People Get in a Year? 

For most patients, their answers may vary depending on what their primary doctor has told them. Some people may think they need as little as two per year, and others may think they need as much as five. There is no set medical protocol for how many cortisone shots people should take in a certain time period, but it is best to keep them limited. 

Reasons Cortisone Shots Should be Limited 

Due to the concern about damage through repeated cortisone shots, doctors typically limit how many cortisone shots a patient should get. However, there are general guidelines on these limitations. Below are some of the reasons why it’s in your best interest to limit how many cortisone injections you get. 

It Breaks Down the Bone Density 

Cortisone can break down your bone’s density and can result in osteoporosis or osteopenia over time. Other negative side effects of this are the bone mass and tendons breaking down. 

Increase Chances of Tears and Ruptures 

When your tendons start to break down, there’s a high chance of issues like tears and ruptures to occur. Cortisone shots (or any kind of steroid) can harm the stem cells that help replenish what dies off from normal wear and tear. 

Causes Nerve Damage 

This is a rare side effect, but it’s still possible. Nerve damage can occur after receiving cortisone shots due to needle trauma, an infection from the injection, or from bleeding. 

knee pain Functional Nutrition West Palm BeachAre You Interested in Learning More About Functional Nutrition in West Palm Beach? 

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