What is “Text Neck” and How Do I Fix It?

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According to Jerry Maguire, the human head can weigh from 10 to 12 pounds. But, according to real-life, your head actually has the capability to weigh around 60 pounds! Unfortunately, all of that weight on your shoulders can lead to a type of pain that we call “text neck.”

Text neck happens every time you carry your head down and forward, like when you’re on the computer or cell phone. Holding your head this way increases the amount of perceived stress on your neck and lower back, and can impact your everyday life in a number of ways. Thankfully, we are here to make neck pain and relief in 33411 a little bit clearer.

How Can I Overcome Text Neck?

Understanding Text Neck

 For every inch you extend your head forward, it effectively doubles the amount of stress on your upper back and quadruples the impact on your lower back. This means, if you are holding your cell phone down and forward, you are putting a lot of strain on those neck and back muscles

This is an issue we’re seeing increase in teens and young adults, as well as office workers or those with desk jobs. Over time, this position can lead to misalignment, loss of curvature in the neck, and discomfort.

Preventing Text Neck

If you end up with headaches, neck pain 33411, or lower back pain, the first thing you need to do is check yourself before you wreck yourself. When you’re on your computer, make sure you’re keeping your head back over your shoulders. When you’re sitting in your car, make sure your head is back and against the headrest. Don’t let text neck disrupt your daily life!

poor-posture-text-neck-pain-33411Get a Grip on Your Neck Pain in 33411 with Palm Beach Health Center

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