Vibration in Chiropractic Adjustments

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After having a chiropractic adjustment, don’t just get up and walk out. You want to make sure you’re stabilizing that adjustment and each procedure builds on the one before. It’s like an exercise program, if you just do one exercise, it doesn’t produce big results. This is why our chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach uses a vibration platform after an adjustment.


Why is Vibration Platforms Used Post-Adjustment?

Solidify Adjustments

When it comes to using a vibration platform, this is a way we can get your body to hold its adjustment longer. It will stimulate your muscles to contract and relax about 30 times per second. It also increases bone density, ensuring that your lymph — which is the sewage system of your body — is flowing naturally. It also improves posture, which is great for preventing falls.

Stabilize Nervous System

The platform is one of the best ways to make sure you are stabilizing your nervous system after the adjustment. Your nervous system is extremely important, playing a role in just about every aspect of your health. It is a large part of everything from your brain development to how you move. This is why we are so focused on stabilizing your nervous system following an adjustment.

Vibration Platforms in Chiropractic Adjustments Chiropractor Royal Palm Beach


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