The Importance of Spinal Health

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When we think about a chiropractor in Wellington, FL, we usually think about spinal health. Even though chiropractic medicine does more than treating the spine, there is little surprise why this skeletal structure is the center of focus. It is impossible to understand the importance of the spine, and by extension, its health. From information highway to structural support for your entire physiology, your spine carries the load in more ways than one.  



Understanding Your Spinal Cord  

What Does it Do?   

Many of us intuitively understand the structural role of the spine in the body, but did you know that the spine is an integral part of your nervous system?   

The spine does more than help sustains our weight, move, and maneuver by bending and twisting; it also acts as a highway for information from your brain to your body and from your body to your brain. As part of the nervous system, your spine is responsible for delivering neural signals to your brain.   

When you feel hot and cold, experience sharp pain, sense the position of your arms or know when you need to use the bathroom, that is all your brain interpreting the signals sent through your spine. If the brain is a switchboard controlling traffic patterns, then the spine is the cameras and sensors that let the switchboard know where there’s a traffic jam or how many cars are on the road.  

Why are Spinal Injuries Dangerous?   

As you can imagine, injuries to such an essential part of your body are especially serious. Not only can a spinal injury substantially hinder your ability to move, but it can also cause a disruption to the exchange of information between your nerves and your brain.  

Why Is Visiting a Chiropractor Important for Spinal Injuries?   

Chiropractors in Wellington, FL, can help decrease spinal compressions, relieve tension and inflammation, and help you regain balance. Therefore, the central nervous system contains cells that are so specialized that they cannot divide and create new cells like other parts of the body. Therefore, chiropractors can help you heal in ways your body cannot 

Who is the best Chiropractor Wellington FL?Looking for a Chiropractor in Wellington, FL?   

If you are experiencing any back problems, the sooner you seek out the treatment, the better. Leaving a spinal issue unattended can cause severe mobility issues in the future. At Palm Beach Heath Center, we can help keep your spine healthy and your nervous system running exactly how it should. Contact us today to learn more!  

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