Thermal imaging is another tool that we use here at Palm Beach Health Center to help detect underlying issues that may not have manifested yet physically outside of your body. This procedure provides us the means to visually see where the sources of heat are on the inside of your body. Completely safe and effective, thermography measures the temperature of the tissues within the body and it shows up on a screen for us to assess and analyze.

Knowing if there are specific areas that are showing a rise in temperature versus others in your body helps us to possibly detect any disease that may be present. With full knowledge of what’s going on inside of the body using this technique, we can better treat the issues and symptoms that are or will show up on the outside of the body.

benefits of thermal imaging

  • Radiation free
  • Early detection of cancer and even tumors
  • Identifies pain
  • Comfortable scans
  • Easily detects illness and disease

Our holistic approach in true health leads us to passionately pursue all-natural treatments for each and every patient who walks through our doors. Call us today and ask how thermography can help change your health for the better.