The Alternative to Knee Replacement Surgery

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Knee pain can cause many problems in your daily life, and sometimes it can just continue to worsen. A common treatment for this issue is knee replacement surgery. This surgery consists of removing specific pieces of your bone and cartilage in your knee to replace them with a prosthesis. Thankfully, at Palm Beach Health Center, we offer stem cell treatment for knees in Florida, an inexpensive alternative option. 



Have Been Told You Need Knee Replacement Surgery? 

Many people have been told they need knee replacement surgery, leading to around 700,000 surgeries every year. Unfortunately, this procedure is costly–the average cost hovers around $57,000.  

Additionally, many people who get this procedure may not even need it. Therefore, you could be dealing with weeks of pain and swelling when it’s completely unnecessary.  

Your Other Option 

A common substitute for knee replacement surgery is stem cell treatment. Stem cells are underdeveloped cells found in the bone marrow that can be injected back into the body. This can assist with the loss of cartilage that causes your joints to rub against each other.   

The Benefits of Alternative Treatment  

Stem cell treatment has many great benefits for those experiencing knee pain and can potentially lead you to avoid knee replacement surgery altogether. Some of the advantages include: 

  • It’s a natural approach, using your body’s healing mechanisms. 
  • It reduces pain.
  • It’s much less expensive than surgery. 
  • Finally, the process is much faster than knee replacement.


Where can I find Stem Cell Treatment for Knees Florida?

Interested in Stem Cell Treatment for Knees in Florida? 

So, if you’ve been told you may need knee replacement surgery but don’t want to spend an immense amount of money, stem cell treatment may be the right choice for you. At Palm Beach Health Center, we are always looking out for our patients’ best possible solutions. If you’d like to know more or wish to schedule an appointment, contact us today! 

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