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Your spine is the backbone of all your movement; without a healthy brain pole, the everyday activity becomes difficult and painful. However, if your spinal health has degraded to the point of constant pain, you may need spinal decompression in West Palm Beach.  


What is Spinal Decompression?

This term umbrellas both surgical and nonsurgical solutions for your back pain. No matter the degree of misalignment you have, one of these techniques may be the solution for you. While both have the same goals, their trajectories vary significantly.

Nonsurgical Decomposition 

With motorized traction, we will spread your spine to relieve pressure. How? Relieving tension from your spinal discs creates negative pressure. This results in herniated disk retraction, which eases the pressures they previously applied to nerves. Conditions this is especially suited for are: 

Surgical Options

If all other options are exhausted, surgery may need contemplation. Surgical procedures are suited for reliving relieve pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness. While there are many more procedures, here is a brief description of the most common surgeries we perform: 

  • Discectomy– A portion of the disc is extracted to resolve nerve pressure. 
  • Laminotomy- Removal of bone to expand the spinal canal, providing relief. 
  • Foraminotomy- Removal of bone/tissue to enlarge nerve-ending openings. 
  • Osteophyte removal: Bone growth removal. 
  • Corpectomy- Vertebral body removal along discs and from in between vertebrae. 

As with all surgery, there are potential complications: infection, blood clots, and nerve or tissue damage. However, we will guide you down the path that is right for you. Place your trust in us today for a pain-free tomorrow.  

Person holding lower back in pain and needing Spinal Decompression in West Palm BeachLooking for Spinal Decompression in West Palm Beach? 

Our team has been helping people overcome back pain for many years. We know that correcting a bodily condition involved treating a patient’s mind and body. Contact us today to set your first appointment. 

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