Sexy Keto Summer Workshop

By June 1, 2018 No Comments
Green Woman

Join us at Palm Beach Health Center for a workshop that you can sink your teeth into (literally).

We’ll be offering sample Keto snacks to taste test and Lynda will be teaching you tactics to deal with summer situations like:

  1. How to have cocktails while on Keto (yes, you can!)
  2. How to eat at BBQ’s and Summer Cookouts (yes, you can!)
  3. How to pack Keto lunches and snacks for the beach (yes, you can!)
  4. How to go out to dinner on Keto (yes, you can!)
  5. How to throw or go to a party and stay Keto (yes, you can!)
  6. And Much More!

RSVP to the front desk at 561.333.8353 and be sure to bring your friends and family (since they’re the ones you’ll be going to these parties with all summer anyway!)

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