Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells: Is it Safe?

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Many patients are concerned about the safety of regenerative medicine using stem cells. Before making an appointment for stem cell therapy in Florida, you might have a few questions about the procedure’s safety. We’re here to assure you that this procedure is completely safe, painless, quick, and non-invasive.

The only real danger of regenerative medicine with stem cells is the possibility that they may not work. In the last year, the company where Palm Beach Health Center gets its stem cells from has done over 50,000 injections across the country with no serious issues. Of the thousands of patients we’ve given injections to, we’ve never had a problem with their bodies rejecting our stem cells. This is because we use umbilical cord stem cell tissues called mesenchymal stem cells.

What are Mesenchymal Stem Cells?

Mesenchymal stem cells have been used in regenerative medicine to treat many diseases. They can make several types of cells for our skeletal tissues like cartilage, bone, and fat. We treat our patients using these stem cell tissues to help them avoid joint replacement surgery.

You might be wondering if your body will reject these stem cells since they come from a different source other than yourself. The mesenchymal stem cells we obtain from umbilical cord tissues have never rejected any of the patients we’ve given it to. Here’s why:

They’re Too Young

Since these stem cells have been obtained from umbilical cords, they haven’t had the chance to develop DNA from the mother or baby. As a result, your body can’t reject them. These stem cells have been used to fight various types of cancer and other blood-related diseases.

They’re More Versatile

Adult stem cells aren’t able to be manipulated to produce other cell types. This limitation prevents them from being used to treat certain diseases. Stem cells obtained from umbilical cord tissues are also less likely to contain abnormalities from environmental hazards or errors during replication.

What is Stem cell therapy florida?Where Can I Find Stem Cell Therapy in Florida?

If you have any arthritis, joint pain, or injury, regenerative medicine can help you live a pain-free life without destructive surgery or harmful drugs. This non-invasive treatment process can treat pain in the neck, shoulder, elbow, back, hip, wrist, and ankle. Contact us now to request an appointment!

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