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Chocolate Balls
Have you heard of the most amazing, delicious, fabulous desert that is allowed on the Keto diet called Fat Bombs!?
Yes, Fat and Bombs are two words that most of us have never once thought to put together…yet here they are…together and wonderful so…
We celebrate the Keto Fat Bomb and all of its delicious varieties – from Maple Pecan to Melt In You Mouth Chocolate to Coconut Chocolate and more.
We will be discussing fat bombs (and more) at our upcoming KETO KURIOUS workshop with Lynda, here at Palm Beach Health Center, on Tuesday March 27th at 6:15.
This is where you will learn the magic of Keto and how it will help you lose weight, get healthy and eat Chocolate Fat Bombs!
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Now on to the recipe for these fabulous Chocolate Fat Bombs, courtesy of our friends at Ruled.Me

The Simplest Fat Bomb — Chocolate

That’s right, you can make your own chocolate fat bomb, and all it takes is two ingredients — cacao powder (the healthiest is raw organic cacao powder) and coconut oil.

Step 1 — Melt and Mix

Melt the coconut oil in a pan at low heat. Once the coconut oil is completely liquified, mix in the same amount of cacao powder until you have a homogenous chocolate mixture. (By this I mean use one cup of cacao powder if you used one cup of coconut oil.)

It is best to start with a smaller amount like a quarter cup of each. Once you develop a delicious recipe, however, all restrictions are off — make as much chocolate as you desire. It can save well and be portioned out if you store it in the refrigerator.

Instructions on how to make a simple chocolate fat bomb

Step 2 — Customize and Solidify

Now that you have your chocolate liquid, turn off the heat source and add in what you want to be in your chocolate. You can put in a bit of erythritol, stevia, or sucralose for some sweetness, mix in your favorite nuts for some crunch, or add in some cinnamon and vanilla to give it a unique twist.

Once you have finished mixing in your extra ingredients, pour it into a plate, cookie sheet, or silicone container, and put it in the fridge until it solidifies (2-4 hours).

Step 3 — Eat and Enjoy

Go to the refrigerator, break off a piece of your chocolate, and enjoy. Yes, it is that easy to make a fat bomb. It will not look as beautiful as store-bought chocolate bars, but it will still be tasty and much healthier.

Keep reading at to learn about other fabulous Keto meals and how to customize your Fat Bombs.


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