Nerve and Organ Relationship

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It’s pretty easy to see how the relationship between the nerves and organs can cause issues for those with spinal problems: issues like headaches, neck pain, and back pain. However, did you know the same nerves that go to your back and your neck also go to the organs and tissues of your body? The same nerves that go to your upper back go to your heart and your lungs. Let’s take an in-depth look at the relationship between your nerves and organs from our Chiropractor in Wellington FL.

How Are Your Nerves and Organs Connected?

Posture Matters More Than You Think

When you see someone carrying their head really far forward, like with text neck, it can cause neck, shoulder, and arm pain. The silent part of this is the impact it has on your heart and lungs. The same nerves that go to your lower back also go down your leg, in addition to the prostate, colon, and uterus. Because they affect so many different areas, it is crucial to make sure these nerves are functioning properly.

Addressing Your Nervous System to Help Your Organs

If you go to a cardiologist with a heart problem, they are going to treat your heart. Unfortunately, these doctors are not going to take a look at the nerves that lead to your heart. If you have too much acid in your stomach or intestines, a gastroenterologist will look at your stomach. They will give you some kind of antacid, but they’re not looking at the nerves that go to your stomach.

At Palm Beach Health Center, we take more of a holistic approach to finding underlying issues that may be missed otherwise. Widening the scope of analysis and treatment can make all the difference!

Nerve and Organ Relationship Chiropractor Wellington FL

Visit Our Chiropractor in Wellington FL to Get Help

One of the most important things we do in our office is taking care of the nervous system. If you are not taking care of your nervous system, then your nervous system, which is the doctor within, can’t take care of you.

If you’d like your nervous system to be evaluated, our staff would love to help you set up an appointment. Contact us today for more information on how you can keep your nervous system functioning freely.

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