How I Learned to Stop Worrying (and Love Keto Pizza)

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Yes, There's Pizza oN keto!

Keto Pizza Anyone?

Keto is in and very popular for many reasons.  Quick weight loss, rapid drop in inches, amazing energy and better sleep, to name a few.

You’re interested and want to know more, but surfing sites and asking friends is just not enough and when you hit the grocery


store, it’s endless rows of food, food, food.

Here’s the answer.

Join Palm Beach Health Center at our Keto Grocery Store Shopping Spree on Monday, April 23rd at 9AM to tour with our nutritional counselor and learn what to buy, what to avoid and some tricks along the way….including how to make Keto Pizza.


RSVP to 561.333.8353 today to hold your spot, for you and your friends!

Here’s one easy recipe from our friends at Wholesome Yum to hold you over until our shopping trip!


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