Keeping It Juicy!

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Three glasses of juice

When many people think of improving their health, they think just clean eating and exercise. However, you aren’t just limited to choosing a salad over fried foods. There are many more options and juicing is one of them! It’s a wonderful, delicious, alternative for people on the go! Not to mention a colorful one too!

So why are so many people juicing?

It may seem like a fad to those who haven’t tried it yet but it’s juicing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Once you experience the benefits for yourself, you’ll understand.

Juicing is one of the best ways to digest your vegetables. Most of the nutrition we should be getting from eating vegetables does not get properly absorbed and goes straight through us. However, with juicing, it’s a chance for our bodies to really absorb the nutrients.

Sometimes consuming the recommended daily amount of vegetables is challenging. It’s recommended that you consume one pound of raw vegetables per 50 pounds of body weight daily. With busy schedules and other dietary temptations, that may seem impossible. Conveniently, one glass of juice can easily cover your daily needs.

What’s great about juicing is that it provides a way for you to consume vegetables that you don’t like the taste of when mixed with other vegetables you enjoy. It widens your variety of options in your diet which also decreases your chances of developing an allergy to the typical foods you consume on a regular basis.

Lastly, juicing will simply help you feel all around better. Conveniently, you can prep and make many bottles all at once which is perfect for a busy lifestyle. It will provide you with increased energy and your mood will be boosted as a result as well. Trust me, you’ll be addicted!

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