How Functional Nutrition Can Improve Your Overall Health

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For many years, the standard of operation for much of the medical field has been a focus on treating and managing symptoms. Take pain killers when you feel pain, corrective surgery when something is out of place. The problem with this process is that the root cause of health problems is often ignored. At Palm Beach Health Center, we are working to buck that trend with our focus on functional nutrition in West Palm Beach.  

Understanding Functional Medicine   

What is functional nutrition in West Palm Beach?

What is Functional Medicine?   

Functional medicine in West Palm Beach is taking a complete account of your health before providing treatment. This means looking at diet, exercise, psyche, and other lifestyle vectors to create a well-informed and personalized plan to improve your health. 

How Does it Work?   

The goal of functional medicine is to improve your health in a sustainable way. The easier it is to integrate treatment into your life, the better the effects will be, and the more likely you will be to stick to it.  

What Are the Elements of Functional Medicine?   

Nutrition and Weight Loss 

What you put into your body determines how you function and how you feel. Healthy eating habits are not just about what you’re eating, but about how much and when you’re eating. Part of functional medicine is designing a nutritional plan that helps achieve your health goals.  

Do I need functional nutrition in West Palm Beach?

Functional Laboratory Testing 

Designing a treatment plan hinges on knowing how your body is working and where your deficiencies lie. We take a deeper look and identify your level of biotoxins, heavy metals, micronutrients, and so much more. This helps us gain a profound understanding of what you need to start feeling better.  

Cellular Detoxification 

Your body’s most basic functions are carried out by the trillions of cells that make up who you are. Functional medicine in West Palm Beach aims to keep those cells by cleansing them from dangerous toxins through dietary adjustments, supplements, and positive changes in your lifestyle.  

Do You Need Functional Nutrition in West Palm Beach?  

At Palm Beach Health Center, we can enhance your health and overall wellbeing through the power of functional medicine. With this personalized treatment, you can look forward to: 

  • A health plan that takes your lifestyle into account 
  • Treatment for the root cause of your health issues 
  • Extending your life and improving how you feel  

Regain control of your body. Call us today to create a custom-made health plan!  

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