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“How to Stop Low Ball Offers for Your Soft Tissue Spinal Injury Claim!”

Brought to You by Your Local Car Injury Doctors Network!

Topics Include the Top 7 Personal Injury Award Categories:

  1. The Top 5 Injury Financial Drivers and the Necessary Documentation to Fulfill Each Category!
  2. The 4 Categories of Documentation Necessary to Defend Against the Preexisting Injury Argument!
  3. How to Use the 14 Injury Magnifiers to Defend Against the Low Property Damage Argument!
  4. How to Use the Financial Claims Worksheet to Convert the Doctors Documentation into 4 Distinct Injury Awards!
  5. The Doctors Documentation Necessary to Demand and Win a Policy Limit Award!
  6. How to Use the 12 Documentation Categories of the Doctors Narrative Report to Support Your Demand Letter!
  7. The 25 Categories of a Successful Doctors Deposition or Trail testimony!

Results Using Our Car Injury Doctors Network Documentation System!

  • Dr. Kevin in Kansas documentation turned a low-ball offer of only $7K into a jury award of $350K!
  • Dr. Dave in New Jersey documentation turned a low-ball offer of only $15K into an injury award of $275K!
  • Dr. Joe in California documentation turned a low-ball offer of only $35K into an injury award of $2 million!
  • Dr. Paul in Kentucky documentation turned a no offer into a policy limit award of $110K jury verdict!
  • Dr. David in Virginia documentation turned a low-ball offer of only $10K into a $75K judgement!

Dr. Matthew Symons, D.C.


I believe everyone deserves a chance to reach his or her full potential. Nowhere is this truer than health. Unfortunately, most people never reach true health (and therefore never achieve their potential in other areas of life) because they have been misguided and mislead as to the true nature of what health is and what it means to be healthy. The statistics on how poorly the American medical model of health care – or more appropriately named sickness care – is doing is staggering and pathetic. The vast majority of American disease is preventable with a healthy lifestyle. People need to be given the tools, resources, and the support to make the right choices about their health. In its Latin root, “doctor” means teacher, not physician. This is why I’ve spent my entire career pursuing deeper knowledge and understanding about how the body works and why sometimes the body gets sick and stays sick, while other times it gets well. I want everyone to understand that the body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism and that all life and healing in our bodies comes from, and is controlled by, the brain. There is only one way to fully be well, and that is to give our bodies what they need and avoid that which they do not. With chiropractic care, a healthy, nutrient-rich diet, and exercise, we can reach our God-given potential. “Life is our greatest gift; what we do with our life is our gift back.”

Professional Accolades and Honors:
Sports Performance Council, Team USA Judo, Team USA Weightlifting, Team USA Wrestling, 2009-present. Served at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the World Cup Judo competition, London 2011, Grand Prix Judo competition Panama City, 2010. Level 1 and 2 spinal and scoliosis correction, CLEAR Institute. B.S. in Human Biology from SUNY Albany and a D.C.: Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic. Owner of Palm Beach Health Center since January 2002.

Presented by Dr. Paul Hollern

  • Personal Injury Consultant
  • Speaker 3 Chiropractic Colleges
  • Never Lost a Patients Case in Court
  • Opened 77 Chiropractic Offices in 20 States
  • Largest Chiropractic Provider in the World
  • Donated Over $500K Chiropractic Profession
  • President’s Award Logan College Chiropractic
  • Only Chiropractor to Beat the US DOJ by Trial
  • Author 10 Books on Personal Injury and Chiropractic
  • Testimony Resulted in Largest Civil Verdict in County
  • Continuing Education Instructor for Doctors and Attorneys

Dr. Matthew Symons, D.C.
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