How Can Cold Laser Therapy Help Me?

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Have you been dealing with any kind of long-term chronic pain, like headaches? Or have you had an injury that just hasn’t healed right? At Palm Beach Health Center, Dr. Matt Symons and staff use one of the most successful treatments available to address those issues. By utilizing cold laser therapy West Palm Beach, we can take care of your soft tissue injuries

How Cold Laser Therapy Helps the Body

Activates Your Healing Cells

Often when you have an injury, the way it heals is with scar tissue. Once it has scar tissue, it can be more susceptible to further damage, inflammation, and pain. At Palm Beach Health Center use a class 4 laser to excite the cells and stimulate your body’s healing properties. 

This basically wakes up the stem cells inside your body. So, if somebody has neck pain, tendinitis, chronic headaches, or any issue that they’re dealing with that’s not resolving correctly, laser therapy can help. 

gua-sha-cold-laser-therapy-west-palm-beachUsed in Addition to Other Forms of Therapy to Be Most Effective

Often the connective tissue of the soft tissue could benefit from laser treatment. We combine the laser treatment with scrape therapy where we actually take the therapeutic device and make sure that the muscle tissue is parallel to one another.

Typically, if there’s scar tissue, you’re going to find knots or trigger points. This can make sure that you are arranging the muscle fibers to heal correctly and have the ability for a dynamic stretch without having another injury. 

Want to Give Cold Laser Therapy in West Palm Beach a Try?

If you’ve been dealing with any kind of long term injury, and you’d like to see if cold laser therapy West Palm Beach can help you, give us a call, and we’ll see what we can do to help you. Palm Beach Health Center is here to make your pain go away.


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