Herniated Discs: Causes and Solutions

While uncommon, these are very uncomfortable conditions that can be very painful. With just 2% of people in the United States experiencing this annually, do you know the best treatment plans for your condition? We have treated herniated discs in Royal Palm Beach for a long time and have the experience to help you too.

What are Herniated Discs?

Your spine is a series of vertebrae that gives you your strong backbone. Any number of things, from moving to improper lifting techniques, can cause stress on your spine. Injuries that cause the spinal padding (discs) to tear or leak is herniation.

Who’s at Risk?

While herniated discs can happen to anyone, we see most cases in those aged 30-50 and see twice as many male sufferers than women. Here are some of the most seen risk factors we see:

  • Obesity
  • Lengthy periods of sedentary activates
  • Lifting with your back, not your legs
  • Repetitive bending and twisting
  • Smoking tobacco

Under normal instances of wear and tear on your spine, your body will automatically heal and correct itself. However, tobacco products inhibit the body’s natural healing process. This doesn’t only slow recovery but may never allow you to heal fully.

This is due to cigarette additives being hypoxic or causing oxygen depletion. In addition, smoking also causes decreased blood flow. These two coupling side effects lead to significantly reduced recovery, often resulting in further damage.

What Discs are Most at Risk?

Any disc can slip or become herniated, but it’s most prevalent in lumbar (lower back) and cervical discs (neck). This is due to the most twisting and bending occurring in the low back and neck.

Do Herniated Discs Hurt?

While in a lot of conditions, pain is the last thing you’ll feel, but not with herniated discs. You’ll know exactly when it happened and what caused it. Depending on where the herniation is, the symptoms will vary. Here are some symptoms you may be experiencing:

  • Tingling in feet or hands
  • Pain in the neck, shoulder blades, arms, neck, hands, and sometimes fingers
  • Numbness in extremities
  • Elevated pain during bending or twisting

Lumbar Herniations and Sciatica

Compression or irritation of your lower back sends pain and neurological distress into your lower extremities. You may be surprised to learn that the pan in your legs and back may stem from your compromised lumbar.

When a padded disc cushion sees damage, the leaking fluids often irritate the nerves. All the nerves in your body connect to the brain through the spinal column. Both slips and herniations can send pain to any part of your body.

Preventative Measures

A significant step toward prevention is adopting a new mindset. When you come in, we view your condition as an operating system offline. As you seek treatment, that will turn the lights on. Keeping them on is dependent upon following your care plan and avoiding adverse activities.

Move Frequently and Safely

Sitting is the worst thing you can put your spin through. Sitting for long periods increases the weight load on your spine by 40%. By incorporating a standing desk, walking more, and regular exercise, you can prevent this from occurring to you.

Secondly, don’t attempt to lift anything of substantial weight after a long sedentary period such as driving or a flight. Your spine is already aggravated and stiff from sitting, priming it for injury. by standing and lightly stretching for several minutes before beginning lifting, you can reduce injury risk.

Reduce Your Weight

Obesity is not only an epidemic in the United States; it’s a significant reason for herniated discs. Carrying around extra weight increases the weight load your spine and body transport daily. Exercise is a two-for-one, as you’ll stay in motion and begin shedding pounds.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatment will get the ball rolling. Far too many times, other medical providers will give you a prescription to deal with the pain. We, however, treat your mind and body to provide holistic, natural, and safe recoveries.


Each individual’s adjustment schedule will be different according to your condition. What remains the same is how we’ll adjust your spine, manipulating your vertebrae back into position, easing pain and discomfort.

Need Treatment for a Herniated Disc in Wellington?

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