Treat Your Chronic Pain with Laser Therapy

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Are you suffering from chronic pain due to an injury that hasn’t healed correctly? If other treatments don’t seem to help, you might want to look into cold laser therapy in West Palm Beach at Palm Beach Health Center.

Cold laser therapy has been one of our more successful treatments for treating issues like chronic neck pain or headaches. This is because laser treatments are excellent for taking care of soft tissue injuries, such as tendonitis or sprains. Here at Palm Beach Health Center, we use the Class 4 Laser for our treatments.

What is the Class 4 Laser?

Lasers are placed into different classes based on their safety design. Class 4 is the highest and most powerful class of lasers. They’re significant for delivering non-optimal treatment doses of laser energy, resulting in tissue regeneration and reduced pain in the affected area. This laser should be handled with care to prevent injury to the eyes or skin.


Laser Therapy Process

During the laser therapy treatment process, focused light is used to stimulate the body’s healing process, or what’s known as photobiomodulation (PBM). During this process, photons enter and interact with the cytochrome c complex found within the mitochondria. The connective tissues of those dealing with chronic pain will benefit from laser treatments. We’re also able to perform this treatment on any part of the body!

This is what happens during the laser therapy process:

Cells get Excited

Using the laser on the affected area excites the cells, which then stimulates PBM. Our laser provides more energy to deep structure in less time, producing quick and positive outcomes. Once the stem cells in the area are excited, it helps enhance your healing process. There are no uncomfortable sensations during our laser therapy session, and we can treat multiple areas on the same day.

Graston Technique

We combine some of the laser treatments with scrape therapy, known as the Graston technique. During this process, we take the therapeutic device and ensure that the muscle tissues are parallel to one another. Scar tissue can cause knots and trigger points, so this technique aligns the muscle fibers for the affected area to heal properly.

What is Cold laser therapy west palm beach?Could I Benefit from Cold Laser Therapy in West Palm Beach?

People who have been dealing with any long-term injury are encouraged to see if laser therapy can help. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, and we’ll see what we can do to help you feel better!

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