The Causes and Treatments for Knee Tendonitis

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Any injury that hinders your mobility causes more than pain. Not being able to do your favorite activities as you normally would take a toll on your psyche and fitness. Your knees are especially susceptible to injury due to the amount of wear and tear they experience regularly and tendonitis is one of the most common causes of knee pain 33411. Let’s explore what is tendonitis, what causes the condition, and how we at Palm Beach Health Center can help. 



The Source of Knee Pain 

Why Do My Knees Hurt? 

Knees are especially susceptible to pain. Every time you take a step, the joints in your knee absorb tiny shocks – if you lead an active lifestyle and run often, then they take even more punishment.  Over time, these shocks add up and lead to a wide range of issues such as inflammation, stiffness, and tendonitis.  

What is Tendonitis?  

Tendonitis refers to the inflammation of a tendon. These are thick connective tissues that connect your muscles to your bones. The more you use your tendons, the more likely they are to be exposed to micro-tears called adhesions. Not only does this lead to inflammation, but it also creates scar tissue that causes stiffness and a reduction in mobility.  


Treating Knee Pain  

Starts with Rehabilitation   

More than just eliminating knee pain 33411, our goal is to prevent the pain from returning and give you the tools to protect yourself from damaging the tendon again. We do this through a rehabilitation program that will help rebuild and strengthen the muscles around your knees, especially your hamstrings and quads. This will take the pressure off your knee tendon and make it more difficult for injuries to occur.   

Physical Therapy 

After we start the process of rehabilitating your knee, we will then move on to physical therapy. During this process, we will teach you how to exercise with proper form and how to avoid dangerous movements that are not optimal and can lead to further damage. 

Why do I have Knee Pain 33411?Want to Stop Knee Pain 33411 Without Medication?  

At Palm Beach Health Center, we believe in empowering the body and enhancing the natural healing process. Pain medication and anti-inflammatories only treat the symptoms of knee pain and tendonitis, not the cause. We will teach you how to move and exercise so you can eliminate pain and keep it from returning in the future. Call us today to learn more!  

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