Are Carbohydrates Bad for You?

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Carbohydrates have always been misunderstood. Many people have been told to avoid them at all costs to lose weight, but our body needs carbs for energy. Our functional medicine doctor in West Palm Beach explains the different kinds of carbohydrates and if they’re bad for you. 

Facts About Carbohydrates 

Carbs are not inherently bad for you. The bulk of your diet will come from carbohydrates, but certain kinds you consume can be better than others. For example, the carbohydrates you get from cookies, bread, and pasta aren’t the best for you. Complex carbs found in fruits and veggies are better for you. 

What Are Carbohydrates Doing to Your Body? 

Any kind of carbohydrate you consume breaks down into sugar almost immediately once it enters the mouth. When you consume carbs, here is what they are doing to your body. Different kinds can have different effects. 

Affects Insulin Levels 

When carbs break down into sugar, the glycemic index affects your insulin levels and how quickly your blood sugar changes. Refined carbs can lead to blood sugar spikes because of their simple chemical structure. 

Fuels Your Gut Linings 

Another form of carbohydrate is called cellulose, and it’s something we cannot naturally break down. It acts as a prebiotic and feeds your gut lining with the microbiome it needs. 

Provides You with Energy 

Carbohydrates are one of the primary sources to provide your body with energy. They’re fast-acting and can turn into energy the moment they’re ingested, which can power the brain and body.  

carbs Functional medicine doctor west palm beachAre You Looking for a Functional Medicine Doctor in West Palm Beach? 

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